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CSS Reset – Because Some Browsers Suck

February 14, 2012

I was recently reading an article on and came across something I have to share. I always knew CSS Resets were used, but never understood why. From the article I was reading he says this:

“Browsers have different default styles for the elements we’ll be using, so understanding this and getting all of the elements to look the same is important.”

“You can either deal with these individually or, if you’re project will include more than just this navigation, use a reset to clear all of the styles and start fresh.”

You can download CSS Reset code here:

coding CSS reset

Intro to Linux Commands

If you are a little rusty or completely new to Unix, I recommend reading this.

coding commands linux unix

Drupal is Not Good for Design

I recently read “Is Drupal Good for Design?” from and realize what I’ve been thinking all along. “[Drupal is] a code monkey’s playground.” It is not for designers and probably is not the best CMS to hand off to clients for lack of usability. Read the full article here

CMS design Drupal usability

Post from iPhone

February 9, 2012

With WordPress you can post from your phone. In fact I just did.

See for details.


android iPhone mobile